Weigh In 14 – 26th August 2017

Still been dealing with a horrible foot infection which has meant further antibiotics and now further pills so I haven’t taken pictures of my food diary. I was also away last weekend and had a McDonald’s and a NSW friendly BBQ! I am happy with a 1lb loss! Thanks as always for following #fatgirlslims #slimmingworldfamily […]

Weigh In 11 – 5th August 2017

11th weigh in and I am shocked. I have been poorly this week and and Really suffering with a really horrible, swollen and painful foot and I have also eaten cake 🎂! This week I have lost 4lbs! Not getting used to the cake though that was a one off celebration treat #fatgirlslims #slimmingworldfamily #slimmingworlduk […]

Week 11 – Wednesday 

Catching up with this weeks food. Had a treat for dinner as had been at hospital all day and am not feeling great. I have tried to keep to regular meals as I can. #Wednesday #fatgirlslims #slimmingworldfamily #slimmingworlduk