About Me

So Monday is the day, the day I begin again to become less of what I am now. Let me introduce myself, I’m 35, A Daughter, Sister, Wife and Mother!

I have never been a skinny Minnie neither have I ever thought I could be. When I first met my husband (nearly 12 years ago) I was 13 stone (I felt huge then.. looking back I wish I was happy with what I looked like). Since then i got married, became content and i gained……

4 years ago I decided enough was enough and joined WW, I started at 17stone and lost 2 stone, I was thriving on it and then I became pregnant (something I never thought would happen). I gave birth to my son in May 2015.

Since then I have had some medical problems and I have gained everything I lost and more back on.. so here we are current day! Monday is the start of a new chapter.

I believe there is always a reason for my weight gain, either medical or emotional and I am hoping this blog will help me and maybe others if anyone comes across it.

Everyone is worthy and we can do this together.

Welcome to my blog Fat Girl Slims 😘